ELVAC´s main mission is to produce high-quality industrial applications and products within lead times according to customers´ individual needs.

The company ELVAC a.s. is certified in accordance with the following quality control standards:

In in the first three systems, we are certified for the following areas:

  • Design and production of switchboards
  • Wholesale of industrial electro-material
  • Projects of generic automation, construction and supply of single-purpose machines and equipment
  • Development, production, supply and service of industrial and special PC systems, control systems, advertising and display panels

In system CSN ISO/IEC 27001:2013, we are certified for the area:

  • Development, production, supply and service of industrial and special systems and control systems.

We are the official distributors for the companies MOXA Inc.IEI Technology Corp a GETAC Tech. Corp.

The company ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. is certified in accordance with the following standards:

 The ELVAC EKOTECHNIKA s.r.o. Physical and Chemical laboratory has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute under the number 1269:

The ELVAC SK s.r.o. has permission to install CCTV and security systems:

 Protection of intellectual property

The company ELVAC thinks highly of the results of its own research and development, and therefore, to protect its know-how, it registers its unique solutions with the Industrial Property Office. ELVAC a.s. owns a number of trademarks in relation to its own products.

Furthermore, in 2014, the company obtained a utility model certificate in relation to equipment for measuring electric quantities of high-voltage lines, including at least one reading device for electrical quantities, arranged together with the power block in a joint casing.

And another utility model in relation to equipment for monitoring fault conditions in connection with high-voltage or low-voltage lines or outlets, including a measuring block that is connected with the block for detection of faulty conditions, interlinked with power supply.


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