Profile of Company
Profile of Company

Profile of Company

We are original Czech company, which provides technical trade, development and contracting services in the field of industrial automation, robotics, industrial and tailor-made PC systems. We are developers and manufacturers of systems for power engineering (HW&SW) and single-purpose machines with own electrical and mechanical engineering. We develop and supply ecological systems for air purification and measure its quality.

We are a dynamic company, with rich tradition in the following areas::

  • Engineering and supply operation
  • Production and servicing of specialized computer technology for industrial use
  • Wholesale of components for industrial computer technology, communication and control systems
  • Wholesale of industrial electro-material
  • Production and assembly of switchboards
  • Development and production of specialized power engineering systems
  • Designs, construction, complete deliveries and servicing of single-purpose machines and assembly lines
  • Deformation-free cutting of enclosed profiles (supply of machines, tools as well as profiles)
  • Display systems and illuminated advertising
  • Environmental protection
  • Development of applications and software

 Profile of Company


The creation and development of a client-oriented, professionally-specialized medium-sized company providing added value in the form of know-how. Our objective is to be a highly functional, specialized engineering organisation providing its partners with complete technological knowledge while creating permanent communication benefits for them.

Company strategy

The basic tool for achieving the above-mentioned objectives is the ability of listen to the needs of clients and to reliably and flexibly resolve their requirements from the concept through to routine application and service. Key strategies are fast adaptation to new and promising trends and to focus on selected solutions and market segments. Permanent motivation, stabilisation and staff professionalism as the basic precondition for permanent success is a matter of course.

Apart from the Czech Republic (Ostrava headquarters and regional center in Prague), we have branch office in Slovakia (regional center in Trencin).

We put great emphasis on development of our own new products which we are renowned for also abroad. You can find ELVAC products e.g. in Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, China, Mexico or the USA. This is proved, besides other things, by our commercially successful range of products for power engineering, as well as by our unique punching machines or single-purpose machines for the car industry.

ELVAC a.s.
ELVAC a.s.
Hasičská 930/53
700 30 Ostrava‑Hrabůvka
ELVAC a.s.
Mostárenská 2996/54
703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice
ELVAC a.s. Branch Office in Prague
Na Babě 1526/35
160 00 Praha 6
+420 224 914 608
+420 224 923 896
+420 597 407 500
Tavičská 337/23
703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice
+420 595 700 500
+420 595 700 508
ELVAC SK s.r.o.
Višňová 192/11
911 05 Trenčín, Slovenská republika
+421 326 401 766
+421 326 401 766
DENESA s.r.o.
Količín 150
769 01 Holešov, Česká republika
+420 573 394 048