Since 1991 our company ELVAC EKOTECHNIKA s.r.o. has been providing a wide range of services while solving environmental protection.

History of the company

Our services include

  • Accredited analyses of waste, waste and other matrixes
  • Accredited measurement of working environment parameters
  • Measuring inorganic and organic pollutants
  • Supplying absorbing systems for disposing of acid vapours and gases
  • Supplying technologies for disposing of volatile substances

To solve these tasks, we use a large team of experts with long-term experience of chemical technology, environment, hydrology and legislation analysts. The Division works with domestic and foreign firms, research institutes and universities. We know that the basis of our competitiveness is the quality of the services we provide. And it’s not only the client who can acknowledge quality. Therefore, predicting and understanding the needs of our clients and satisfying them through everyday practical activities, is our cornerstone.

Our laboratories are accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute.