Electrical material


We offer a wide assortment of products:

  • process automation - programmable PLC, CNC control systems, industrial PC and HMI operating panels, SCADA systems;
  • sensor systems – optical sensors, electromagnetic sensors, mechanical terminal switches, barcode readers, lighting barriers, industrial cameras, absolute revolution sensors;
  • drives and power sources – frequency converters, controlled DC drives, linear drives, asynchronous engines, DC engines, servo engines, UPS – backup sources, inverters for photovoltaic power plants;
  • devices for automation – contactors, relays, industrial relays, interface relay, DC supply sources, transformers, switching and protection of motor outlets, semi-conductor relays, regulators, mechanical and electronic display units, switching technology, buttons, signal devices, converters for electric values;
  • protection – power and modular protection, backup of electricity sources, disconnecting devices, switches, circuit breakers, modular devices for home distribution lines;
  • technology for construction of switchboards – switchboard boxes, bus-bar systems, row terminals, industrial connectors, connectors for printed circuits, switchboard channels, measuring panel technology, cable eyes, hollows, air conditioning systems and ventilation of switchboards and accessories, conductors;
  • industrial electric installation – devices for electric installation of buildings, lighting, installation systems, electric energy distribution lines, sockets, switches, measurement and regulation
  • safety of machines –devices to make sure that machine safety fulfils all government standards and directives for safe operation and use of machines, safety controllers, safety switches, lighting barriers, switching mats, control knobs and emergency stop buttons, disconnecting devices;
  • cranes and lifting technology – suspending and cross-control devices, movable energy supplies, terminal switches, optical and acoustic signalling.