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Machine vision and custom systems

Machine vision

We provide comprehensive implementation solutions, including design, selection of suitable objective lenses, lighting and other components for a given application, devising an evaluation algorithm, installation and linking to an enterprise information system.

Typical solution utilizations:

  • Automatic optical production quality assessment in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, food industry
  • Quality assessment, parts identification, measurement and classification of goods and robot guidance.

Strojové vidění

Special Systems

Thanks to multi-branch interconnected professionals, who are able to solve even very difficult tasks, we can provide a broad portfolio of services, such as:

  • Deployment of robotic stands
  • Deployment of systems for production processes monitoring and diagnostics  
  • Deployment of rugged CCTV systems in difficult metallurgical operations
  • Implementation of Wi-Fi networks in industrial plants
  • Deployment of large displays

Realized projects

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