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2021 – We have successfully handed over to the customer an interesting application for controlling the position of the suction dredger using GPS coordinates. The pontoon of the suction dredger is anchored diagonally by four ropes to fixed points on the shore or on the water surface. The points are precisely targeted using a GPS locator. The movement on the surface forwards, backwards and to the sides is ensured by four handling winches located on board. The rope drum is driven by a servo drive with a gearbox.
During mining, the suction dredger automatically moves forward and sucks material from the bottom. The movement of the excavator is controlled by means of a model calculation of the vessel's trajectory within the coordination system of 4 fixed anchor points and 4 drum winches.

2020 – We created a project using robotics and machine vision, a comprehensive device for automatic gluing of stickers to aluminum wheels with camera control of the position of the sticker. Find out exactly how the device works in our 3D animated video.


Thanks to the many years of experience of our employees and close cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of automation technology, we offer a range of standard solutions in the field of material handling and transport, energy, theater technology control, machine and production line control and electric drive control.