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Automated design of control systems with support for virtual technologies

The method and procedures of work of engineering companies in the implementation of machine or process automation orders have a significant impact on the quality of the result, the speed of implementation, the speed of commissioning and the subsequent maintenance of the system.

Although today there are a number of software tools for the implementation of individual parts of automation projects, there are no binding effective procedures or tools that would easily interconnect the various stages of automation project, eliminate routine and repetitive activities, automate parts of the process and standardize the whole process.

Project goals:

  • Development of modern and effective SW creation
  • Creation of a comprehensive SW tool for automated creation of control applications
  • Methodology of virtualization design, modeling and simulations
  • Accelerate and streamline the development of control applications, presentation, testing and commissioning

The project partner is the University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava, which solves and participates in the solution of hundreds of projects and activities supported by the public and private sectors. The mentioned university is a technically oriented university and cooperation with companies has a long tradition.

Modular camera TQC tester with elements of artificial intelligence

The result of the project solution will be a prototype of a comprehensive test equipment for absolute product quality control (TQC) using cameras.

Cameras with lenses and types of lighting will be stored in trays, from which a camera range will be selected according to the input specification to create the best expected composition for a defined camera inspection.

Project goals:

  • Implementation of machine vision into robotics
  • Creation of image compositions based on input data
  • Modularly change the elements of the camera system

The co-investigator of the development project is the University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava. The essence of this cooperation is a strong technological partnership and a good research background. Thanks to these aspects, we will be able to offer clients a unique solution for the camera TQC tester.

System for measuring and evaluating the exact position of the robotic arm

Evaluating the accuracy and quality of manufactured components is one of the main elements for increasing competitiveness on a national and international scale, especially in areas where high demands are placed on the automation of the production of precision components.

A key element of this project is the use of a six-axis robotic arm, which is used in many industries. Given the ever-increasing demands on the accuracy of manufactured components, focusing in this direction is a major technical problem and a challenge for the future and prosperity in the world market.

The result of the project solution will be a prototype, consisting of a combination of sensor systems, on which a special software solution will be applied. Thanks to this solution, we achieve significantly increasing accuracy of movements, position and spatial orientation of robotic six-axis manipulators. The prototype solution will be used to test and optimize the designed superstructure sensor system for accurate, fast and reliable deployment in industrial automation and robotics projects.

Project goals:

  • Research, production and testing of an automated workplace
  • Increased accuracy of movements and position in the six-axis robotic arm
  • SW solutions (calculations of positions and movements)
  • HW solution (measuring and comparing the position of the arm)
  • Evaluation of spatial orientation

Research activities within the project solution will be carried out together with the co-beneficiary of the project: the University of Mining - Technical University of Ostrava. The aim of this cooperation is a strong technological partnership, which will enable, based on the results of this project, to offer clients a solution in the field of top (internationally unique) precision robotic equipment.

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