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Control and monitoring systems

During the automation of production, in the building control systems, management of traffic routes, gathering environmental data and other similar applications are the designers faced to greater and greater demands on the amount of information that is needed to get from the system and achieve as great as possible accuracy in their control and management.

The system effectiveness depends also on the quantity and quality of information, as it is possible to minimize energy consumption and enhance user comfort. Since the administration of such a large amount of information is difficult or even completely impossible for humans being, there are applied distributed control systems for solving partial tasks in large-scale applications. To the higher levels of control are then transferred information about the status of these tasks and only the values of selected important inputs.

In addition to the ability of managing attributed subsystem is the possibility of remote administration and modification with the best possible use of existing communication infrastructure an important parameter of distributed control systems.

Our offer covers the full range of control systems for different application layers, computers equipped with inputs and outputs and converters needed for connecting sensors of physical quantities and actuators with the control and monitoring systems via standard interfaces.


ELVAC SOLUTIONS offers an integrated set of applications for industrial automation and visualization. It allows you to build a new control and monitoring systems and integrate existing ones.

The main advantage is the modular solution which is able to cover any requirements of the client.

It is possible to built up a system in succesive steps and with further expansion of hardware (without need of software changes) is possible to achieve a fully redundant and distributed system.

Another important advantage is single user interface for monitored and controlled systems that decreases load of the technicians and minimizes number of necessary monitors in the control room. In term of production control it has a uniform presentation of data with the single data storage. Last but not least is availability of data anywhere and anytime, the only limiting factor is the network accessibility of the data.

In the system properties is also included option for other elements integration into the environment of control and monitoring system, e.g. CCTV, documentation for individual equipment and relations to the technical information system. The control and monitoring system serves as a data interface for other systems which do not have a direct relation to the control and monitoring of technology.

An integral part of the system for automation and visualization is a presentation and processing of the gathered data. All monitored data and interventions into the system are stored in the Microsoft SQL database. These data are provided for later analysis using a portal solution. There is also an output for the data exchange with the information system of the company and data evaluation for quality control according to ISO standards and other client audits.

Who is the system intended for

  • Manufacturing companies for monitoring and control of technological equipment.
  • Companies for data networks, servers and workstations monitoring.
  • Building management and monitoring (BMS) – energetics, heating, air conditioning.
  • Companies using various monitoring systems as the platform for user interfaces unification.
ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. provides a minimum 24-month warranty to Control and Monitoring Systems unless the warranty is modified with the SLA.
The InfoPanels technology can be used for displaying data. It makes possible to show production data on individual lines or company information. System InfoPanels (see digital signage) can also be an input device of the system (keyboard, bar code reader, chips reader for operator identification).