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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

The company of ELVAC SOLUTIONS offers a complex solution to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These systems are developed and operated under the advanced GIS platform, which usage brings a wide range of advantages and security for map applications users.

These advantages include

  • smooth running of the systems,
  • system long-term sustainability,
  • interoperability (compatibility with a wide range of instruments of various producers thanks to following the standards of OGC),
  • easy expandability,
  • independence on platform or operating system,
  • the possibility of publishing on the Internet in the form of a web application (online GIS),
  • on-line publishing and sharing of geographical data.


Thanks to applied component approach you can always purchase an application exactly reflecting your requirements and needs. Therefore there is no need to pay for the functionality you won´t use.

The most required features are

  • the basic map manipulation tools,
  • length, perimeter and area measuring,
  • display of coordinates in selected coordinating system, finding a location according to coordinates, or  selection of the map cartographic projection,
  • searching based on spatial or regular queries,
  • map layer manipulation, including the connection of remote data sources (WMS, WFS, WCs),
  • data export/import, print, multilingualism,
  • selection of pre-prepared map compositions and the possibility to create and share self compositions,
  • administration of users, user groups and their rights to the application, functions and data,
  • possibility to use functionality via Web services or  their creation and publishing,
  • data publishing via OGC standards.


GIS and mapping systems of ELVAC SOLUTIONS company are not just bare products. Our specialists will help you with all requirements´ specifications, with selecting appropriate data, draft of graphical interface (design) and system deployment. We always try to provide service according to your needs.

However, our cooperation does not finish by the very deployment as the system is provided including management and maintenance. So that we ensure the supplied system will be administered by a qualified GIS operator.

So, we can say the GIS of the ELVAC SOLUTIONS is a complex service bringing you the reliability of the highest technology level in conjunction with a personal approach during the whole process of design -> development -> deployment -> operation.