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ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. offers a comprehensive solution for enterprise information system (ERP). This system is designed for organizations that are looking for a complete solution covering the whole production cycle of the company..

The modules of our ERP system cover the areas from the initiation of the contract to the delivery to the final customer, including support processes. Integration of project management modules, financial planning, capacity planning, technological preparation of production (TPV), procurement planning and subcontracting, logistics, production, quality management, project and production documentation management, supplier rating, etc. with third-party systems used in enterprises, enable effective automation of the whole production process and thus a significant time saving.

The proven ERP solutions are covering four business lines to which we offer the following modules:

  • Cost accounting
  • Controlling
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
Human resources
  • Work report
  • Capacity planning
  • Holidays and employee substitutions
Manufacturing and logistics
  • Production planning
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Purchasing of materials, components and services
  • Internal logistics and expedition
  • Project management
  • Suppliers' rating
  • QA
  • CMMS/EAM (TechIS)
Sales and marketing
  • Order processing
  • Price lists
  • CRM


Part of the ERP system are also general modules supporting mainly managerial overview of production, security and user convenience. 

  •  System Security (Users and Role) - Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing
  •  DMS - document management system
  •  Reporting
  •  Notification system
  •  Comments
  •  Automatic distribution of print reports
  •  KPI Performance Indicators
  •  User filters, views, and headers
  •  Change history

Main advantages of the ERP

  • integration or overall interdependence on all business areas (finance, human resources, production and logistics, marketing and business),
  • the same information for all system users,
  • better background for management decision-making,
  • more pressure on compliance with work processes.

This ERP system platform currently uses Huisman Construction, Ltd., which has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of heavy equipment (lifting and handling equipment) for the world's leading companies operating onshore and offshore. Further references can be viewed here.

Our ERP system is fully integrated, flexible and easy to use software that uses advanced technologies. We support turnkey development and integration of customization into our ERP solution according to customer requirements as wee as the integration of our ERP system with the customers' third-party systems.

An important benefit in working with ELVAC SOLUTIONS s.r.o. is a wide range of service that we offer to all our products (SLA 24/7 hotline, user training, technical support, etc.) and standardized and certified application development process that ensures long-term stability and the possibility of further development of the delivered solution.