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The goal of RealWear's developers was clear from the start. To create a product that can withstand the harshest conditions, is easy to use and delivers only what the user really needs.

There are many sophisticated devices of this kind on the market today, but most of them are very fragile, offer a lot of complex features at the expense of practicality, and above all prevent the user from getting a full view of the surroundings. They often require the use of non-verbal hand gestures etc. to operate them, which is not the most convenient way to work.

The RealWear Navigator 500, like its predecessor HMT-1, is designed to be used immediately without complicated setup. They will help, expand your options, but at the same time not limit you in any way. After just a short training they can increase work efficiency and simplify work processes.

Just like you take a flashlight where you can't see, you take the RealWear Navigator 500 when you need to navigate to successfully complete tasks in the harshest conditions.

How does the Navigator 500 compare to other devices?


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RealWear 500

Digitální workflow

Discover the possibilities of visualised worklists (chacklists). Once the individual subtasks have been completed, they can be documented and sent for review or archiving. This can reduce operational errors and increase efficiency and productivity. All simply thanks to voice control.

Recommended apps: Intoware WorkfloPlus, JourneyApps, OverIT Geocall, TeamViewer Frontline.

RealWear 500

IoT data visualisation

Collect the data you need for real-time operation and control. You can obtain both image, location and situational information that can be further processed in higher-level systems.

Recommended apps: Augmentalis, JourneyApps, Vuforia.

RealWear 500

Remote audit and inspection

Perform audits, inspections or commissioning at a much lower cost. Thanks to their performance and durability, RealWear smart glasses allow you to perform these activities from anywhere in the world under any conditions. All you need is a pair of smart glasses, a colleague on site and the right app.

Recommended apps: AMA Xpert Eye, IBM Inspector Wearable.

RealWear 500

Remote training

Give your employees a unique training opportunity through augmented reality. Combine the viewing of training (PDF, LMS e-learning) materials together with on-the-job visual training. Share knowledge and experience anytime, anywhere.

Recommended apps: Vuforia.

RealWear 500

Remote assistance from specialist

Easily connect with subject matter experts in real time from anywhere via video conferencing. Allow fellow specialists to "see what you see" via a 48MP camera with up to 6x zoom. Solve operational problems faster and more efficiently without unnecessary downtime and travel costs.

FUNCTIONAL APPLICATIONS: AMA Xpert Eye, Librestream, Microsoft Teams, OverIT SPACE1, SimplyVideo, TeamViewer Assist AR, Zoom, WebEx Expert on Demand

RealWear 500

Visual assistant

Take photos and videos in hard-to-reach places like tunnels, bridges and high-rise buildings. The integrated 48MPX camera with improved zoom and excellent low-light performance allows you to quickly scan barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, license plates and utility markers. Easy optic replacement allows installation of thermal imaging cameras or other special optics.

RealWear 500

Handsfree document viewing

Read the workflow or wiring diagram hands-free and with a perfect view of the surroundings. When working at heights or in otherwise hazardous environments, this will make your job easier, more efficient and safer.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most used and easiest connection is via WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz), which is best solved in the field by turning on the hostpot on the mobile phone. It is also possible to order a separate LTE 4G modem into which you insert a SIM card with a data plan.
The device is based on Android 11 OS, which has been specially adapted by RealWear for use in these smart glasses. RealWear is still working on OS improvements and provides regular updates.
Yes, the Navigator 500 smart goggles have been developed for use in extreme conditions and the ability to use them in combination with protective work gear is a given.
The Navigator 500 has been tested by people with compensatory aids such as contact lenses and dioptric glasses and in the vast majority of cases no effect on the quality of the information displayed or comfort was observed. Nor are eye protection glasses an impediment.
Control is mainly by voice commands, with several languages to choose from, including Czech. Some functions can be controlled by moving the eyes or head.
Yes, media files can be shared either through the Teams platform, Cisco Webex, or stored in 64GB internal storage or on an SD card up to 256GB.
Yes, and we'll be happy to help you with that. Together with Immersive Technologies, we will identify your needs and design a customized software solution.

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