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CitectSCADA Integration

CitectSCADA is a fully integrated user interface that allows users to build up a reliable control and monitoring system. Simple configuration tools and characteristics of the product enable rapid development and implementation of variously major projects.

CitectSCADA is a system adapting to customer requirements for size, configurability and reliability of any monitoring and control system. Operators have constantly available data on monitoring technologies via a user-configurable interface.

The CitectSCADA architecture makes possible to build up any type or size of the system. Simple and quick solutions for small systems (control and monitoring of simple equipment), that can be complemented and expanded and thus build very complex fully redundant system while protecting the initial investment.

Investing in reliable SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) will increase productivity and ensure continuous production. This system is from the beginning designed as fully redundant, on the level of control servers and communication routes.

CitectSCADA can be easily integrated into the existing company systems via the CitectSCADA Reports, which makes possible connection between technological data and company databases and so the required reports can be easily created for the user.

CitectSCADA contains all the elements for building up the system

  • more than 130 communication drivers
  • graphical components
  • CiCode or VBA programming language
  • Standards support – ActiveX, ODBC, OPC, DDE, SQL

Important advantage of CitectSCADA is customer support, relating to its own SCADA product. For application support has been built a network of certified partners who provide technical support, training. This makes an investment in monitoring and control system safe and protected.

CitectSCADA can be used wherever is necessary to build up a stable, reliable system with a simply configurable user interface. Its architecture makes possible to create systems with centralized or with distributed databases, which enables easily implement small, medium and large-scale applications. The transition from centralized to distributed database does not need any interventions in the project. Thus you can easily change the architecture of the system as the system grows and create a system according to the user´s requirements.

The primary role of the SCADA system is to provide an interface for access to procedural information and enable operator control of process. On the other hand, there are imposed increasing requirements on openness of SCADA systems towards the company applications and on the disclosure of process data in corporate network. CitectSCADA is an open system supporting a number of interfaces and standards that enables to implement these connections.

The ELVAC SOLUTIONS is a Citect integration partner since 2005. We offer experience with usage of the Citect in the various fields. At the same time we provide support for this product and the development of a variety of communication drivers and accessories.