Variable Drives | Industrial automation, ELVAC a.s.

Variable Drives

We employ specialists for designing electrical variable drives and we offer the following services in this category:

  • Electrical drive implementation drafts
  • Calculation of optimal drive parameters
  • Electrical drive project documentation
  • Design and preparation of drive control structures
  • Drive configuration and parameter optimization 
  • Drive commissioning and tuning
  • Warranty and post-warranty services 
  • Training of operators and service personnel

We perform solutions of electronic variable speed drives for a number of industries, the typical applications are as follows:

  • Air and exhaust gas pipe fans 
  • Pumps for water, cooling and hydraulic systems
  • Winders, unwinders and rewinders for production lines of flat products
  • Feed rollers, tension rollers, shears for the processing of flat strip products
  • Rolling mills adjustment rolls drives 
  • Positioning of rotary tables 
  • Positioning of pressing machines
  • Positioning of feeders and manipulators

We provide electric drive system integration for best quality and safety of operations by using:

  • Currently available communication buses (Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus and others) including buses with an implemented safety protocol, e.g. PROFIsafe
  • Integrated basic (STO, SS1) and extended (SS2, SLS, SDI, SSM) variable drives security functions with the option to generate an acceptance test of these functions for the chosen drive 
  • Power recovery units, allowing energy to be recuperated back to the grid