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Service support

Part of the supply of ELVAC SOLUTIONS products is service support.

  • Guaranty and after-guaranty service support for the monitoring and control systems supplied by the company of ELVAC SOLUTIONS
  • Guaranty and after-guaranty support for database information system TIS
  • Supporting applied software of third-parties (CitectSCADA)
  • Comprehensive service support for application SW and HW of InfoPanels

Service support includes service readiness, service interventions, supervision on the system and training.

Service readiness

  • Workstation establishment for phone or e-mail notification of requirement for service intervention
  • Advising client contact persons via e-mail, fax or direct data links
  • The establishment of testing and integration platform within the scope of the current version of SW products and its maintenance
  • Record activity in the Help Desk
  • The availability of services depending on the agreement with customer, also continuous support is possible, it means 24 / 7 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Service intervention

  • Fixing the operational problem
  • Configuration of monitoring systems
  • Configuration of information systems
  • Configuration of the system itself
  • Configuration of third-party software
  • Analysis of the systems development and system know-how
  • Periodical prophylactic inspections
  • Installation of service packs and issued upgrades - part of the software installation is testing of compatibility with the currently operating system
  • Up-dating of system documentation

Supervision on the system

  • Nonstop monitoring
  • Regular inspections of the system