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Turnkey solutions

ELVAC SOLUTIONS benefits from long and rich experiences of its developers from the area of monitoring, management and control systems, information systems and geographic information systems to create a turn-key software.

Our customers are offered complex solution, including the entry analysis, solution design, implementation plan, implementation by itself and last but not least service support of the delivered solutions. ELVAC SOLUTIONS develops software for Windows and Linux, is a certified partner of Microsoft, and uses the latest technology for software development. ELVAC SOLUTIONS development of applications is standardized and certified.

ELVAC SOLUTIONS offers non-standard solutions to your problems or situations that no other existing software product is able to solve. 

ELVAC SOLUTIONS has extensive experience with development of:

  • Communication drivers
  • Small business applications
  • Control, management and monitoring of the various facilities where we are able to analyze the unknown communication protocols
  • Interface for connection to existing business systems
  • Large information systems with data warehouses using Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, Informix or mySQL
  • GIS
  • Applications using principles of electronic signing of documents or records


For application development are mostly used following technologies and development tools:

  • Server scripting languages ASP.NET, ASP, PHP
  • Programming Languages C + +, C #, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic, Java, Python
  • Scripting Languages JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell
  • Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Firebird databases